Set-Up, Choose a Channel, Stream, Enjoy: The Four Steps to Music Anywhere in the House

Music has never been more accessible and more widely listened to. Music can be listened to anywhere. Millions of people have access to streaming services, such as Spotify, which can be connected to a mobile device. It is even possible to be logged in on one device and then logged in elsewhere, only to have the music selection continued.

Users can have Spotify playing from their computer, and then can pick it up from their phone to their computer stereo system without missing a beat- literally. The vssl music system allows for even greater streamlined access. It works by having native streaming and a fully-fleshed out system of music integration.

Music, Anywhere

What is that coming from the stereo in the kitchen as someone is cooking? Is that jazz emanating from the bedroom? What is that outside? Is their BeeGees disco popping off out by the pool? How is all this music accessed? It is all coming from a single device, technically. The vssl system is broad and full. It allows users to play different music channels from a single device. This allows users to play jazz in one room and disco in another independently and simultaneously.

It’s a Party

It is the purest party atmosphere because it allows certain moods to be set in certain places. Users will have all their various channels or networks labeled from their device. A logical way to label them is by room. So, users can open up a channel. This is the music playback being selected. They can then choose where they want the playback to emanate from. It will list various spots, such as the back patio, living room, garage, etc. The playback location is selected and the music will play.

It allows for the full integration of music anywhere and anytime for users. It is absolutely the best way to create a riveting party atmosphere. The best thing is that it all can play through various established streaming services. There is no reason to accumulate downloads. Just set it up and play music thro8ugh already established streaming sources. Few things in technology are easier.


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